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Item Number Recommended Fee* Patient Rebate Rebate on {{numPatients}} Clients

MBS #16590

Planning a pregnancy where doctor intends to attend the birth. Claimed from 28 weeks gestation. Outpatient screen.




MBS #16522

Complex birth item. Can be claimed on or after 26 weeks gestation if the patient screens positive for mental health history items, family violence or drug and alcohol misuse.




MBS #16407 (NEW)

Postnatal screen. To be conducted 4-8 weeks postnatally.




*Note: The service can charge the recommended fee or higher.

The above costs are based on the screening of all {{numPatients}} patients, both antenatally and postnatally, at the highest screening price ($4.90 per screen) enabling claiming of MBS items 16590 and 16407. A conservative estimate of 10% of patients meeting criteria for a complex birth has been made with respect to MBS item 16522.

Medical Benefit Scheme (MBS) Perinatal Screening Calculator

The iCOPE Platform has been specifically designed to facilitate easy access the MBS item claims whilst meeting all auditing requirements.

In November 2017, the Commonwealth Government made the following adjustments to MBS item numbers:

  • Rebate increase:

    The rebate on all antenatal items (16590) increased by 15%.

  • Increased scope it complex birth criteria:

    Criteria for managing a complex birth (16552) expanded to include mental health history, family violence and drug and alcohol misuse (not included previously).

  • New postnatal screen item:

    A postnatal screen item (16407) was introduced which did not previously exist.